Need Anti-aging Help? Eat Blueberries, A Super-Food

BlueberriesYou have just committed yourself to alter the physical and mental meaning of aging. The question then is, will you Need Anti-aging Help? Eat Blueberries, A Super-Food, the answer is probably yes. With that in mind, this article will hopefully do just that.

This very popular berry is bursting with nutrients and antioxidants that can put an end to free radicals that are known to speed up your risk of disease and the advancement of aging. These nutrients and antioxidants give you the best possibility of feeling, looking younger and increase your mental alertness.

Several other berries that we have come to know have similar extraordinary levels of nutrients and antioxidants, those berries being strawberries, blackberries and grapes, yes, grapes do fall in the berry category. The Fact that you may be feeling and looking younger and having increased mental alertness is due primarily to abundances of compounds in blueberries that support the anti-aging process. Together, with their potent antioxidants, these compounds help in stopping cell damage due to free radicals. Because they are a form of oxygen, free radicals are known to cause harm to strong cells or healthy functions

The blueberry gets its beautiful blue color from a compound known as anthocyanian. This compound, together with anti-inflammatory properties often considered to be linked with aging, and a decline in the loss of mental function. Through various studies, it is thought that blueberries perhaps assist in with the decline of cognitive weakening or the possibility of memory loss that is thought to be linked with Alzheimer’s disease.

Through much research done on the nutritional benefits of blueberries, it is suggested that people eat at least one cup each every day to accomplish a five percent improvement in motor function abilities. It also showed for those people who did not eat the required daily amount of blueberries, a decline in balance and coordination that cause age associated mishaps to exist.

Need Anti-aging Help? Eat Blueberries, A Super-Food that is extremely high in nutritional value while possessing a very low amount of calories per one daily required serving. It’s been noted that blueberries are a low glycemic index food. Unlike several popular fruits, blueberries have shown not to have a quick surge in blood sugar. This powerful berry is loaded with flavinoids, tannins, antioxidants, phytochemcials, iron, manganese, Vitamin C, and vitamin E, all beneficial in escaping severe illness and disease.

This berry has been well-known to protect your DNA from damaged, due primarily to the numerous compounds revealed in blueberries. When it comes to protection of a terminal disease such as cancer and heart disease, blueberries have played a vital importance as reports have shown. Among the many other benefits, they have shown to decrease the destruction left from a stroke, preventing urinary tract infections, reduce cholesterol levels and eye sight improvement.

They also contribute in providing some valuable relief to many who are experiencing aches and pains that are commonly associated with arthritis, primarily due to extremely high anti-inflammatory properties that are contained in blueberries.

An effort has been made through various studies and reports to provide the best knowledge of how blueberries can benefit our body internally and externally. Since we have just covered the internal body benefits, let’s now take a look at how blueberries can benefits the external body.

Various studies and reports have shown that blueberries out achieve most all other fruits when it comes looking younger, due to smoother skin and less wrinkles. Inflammation is the primary cause of skin aging and wrinkling, once again, with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, blueberries come to the forefront to combat inflammatory concerns. They should, without a doubt be included of your daily diet to achieve all the benefits of having skin that make you look younger.

Need Anti-aging Help? Eat Blueberries, A Super-Food that is available year around at your favorite local grocery store or farmers market. This is not always the case with other anti-aging foods. It makes the anti-aging process very easy in getting started. Start your day by adding blueberries to you breakfast cereal, or throughout the day in one of many other ways, as a fresh or frozen snack, dessert and ice cream topping, or mix in with yogurt, just to name a few.

In conclusion, There is nothing complicated about the anti-aging process, it is very easy to understand and follow, if you have your goal set to eat the daily required amount, that being a minimum of one cup of blueberries each every day, and along with other high anti-aging foods, you will experience a healthy looking and feeling lifestyle.

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